Zephyr Cove Open

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USA Beach Volleyball

Sponsorship Packages

In addition to the items listed in the sponsorship packages below, the tournament will be advertised in the Good Times Visitor's Guide and website, the Santa Cruz Harbor Special Events and Activity Guide. In addition, we continue to explore other avenues of advertisement and marketing including, but not limited to, television coverage (we will be running TV commercials on ESPN, ESPN2, VH1 and CNBC throughout the year), and linking the Harbor Beach website to Cruzio's website.

$1,600 Per Event / $10,000 for 8 Events
(Limit 2)

  • Two Title Tournaments / two events named after Sponsor.

  • Plus Everything Included in the Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Packages

$8,000 for 8 Events
(Limit 4)

  • Web banner on homepage of Harbor Beach Open website.

  • Large logo on all advertising (including TV Commercial, Good Times Ad, tshirt, flyer, poster, sponsor banner).

  • Radio mentions (radio ad runs for every event on local radio stations.

  • 4 Free Double Sided Banner (for first time sponsors only).

  • Plus Everything Included in the Bronze, Silver & Gold Packages

$4,000 for 8 Events
(Limit 6)

  • 2 additional live mentions per event on the beach.

  • Good times print ad (runs every Thursday prior to each event). 2/5 page full color.

  • Plus Everything Included in the Bronze and Silver Packages

$3,000 for 8 Events
(Limit 8)

  • T-shirt Sponsor - Your company logo placed on tournament t-shirts (approx. 150).

  • 2 Event T-tshirts and Sweatshirts.

  • V.I.P. Passes for two (at each event lunch served between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm).

  • Flyer / Poster - Your company logo placed on tournament fliers.

  • 2 live mentions on the beach.

  • Plus Everything Included in the Bronze Package

$1,000 For 8 Events
(Limit 10)

  • Your banner at the event - Banner with your company name and logo placed on the beach during the tournament (you must provide your own banner).

  • Web banner on our event site with link to your website and Airel Events.