Zephyr Cove Open

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USA Beach Volleyball

Upcoming Events


June 18th & 19th??? 44th Annual Earth Karma Zephyr Cove, Tahoe
July 17th Harbor Beach Open Harbor Beach
October 1st & 2nd 24th Annual Dink and Drive DeLa / 3rd Ave., S.C. Harbor
October 29th & 30th Halloween Events 3rd Ave., S.C. Harbor
November 19th & 20th 8th Annual Mexico Open Cabo San Lucas

Women's A and Open 9:00 AM, Mens A and
Open at 10:00 AM, Coed 1:00 PM.
Juniors Girl 14's & 16's 9:00 AM, Girls 12's 10:00 AM,
Girls 18's 10:30 AM, Boys 14's & 18's 11:00 AM, Child Adult & 4's 1:00 PM

All opens and year end finals will be as follows:
Women's Open begin at 10:00 AM. Men's Open will begin at 10:30 AM.
There will be a novice 4's at 4:00 PM. Sunday will have a Women's A and Men's King of The Beach at 10:00 AM. Men's Open will continue at 11:00 AM with a Men's A at 1:00 PM. Juniors event on the 17th will be
Juniors Girl 14's & 16's 10:00 AM, Girls 12's 11:00 AM, Girls 18's 11:30 AM, Boys 14's & 18's at 12:00 PM, Adult/Child & 4's 1:00 PM.

Junior events are as noted.
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*Junior Events
$$$ Denotes large cash for open divisions
??? Event Has Not Been Finalized